•  How can I check if my account is eligible for TLOS token?
    • You can look up your EOS account name on the Telos block explorer. If you had a genesis account, you will be there and your keys will control it.
  • How long do I have to claim ?
    • You don’t have to claim. If you own the keys, they’re already yours. Just download Sqrl or use another Telos compatible wallet and that’s it!
  • How can i create a TLOS account?
    • You can create a free account using Sqrl.
  • Is there still a chance to claim Telos if you have a genesis account? When is the claim deadline?
    • There is no real deadline, it is just safest if you perform any action with your Genesis account to prove it is yours and have an action registered on the chain.
  •  I completed the Telos lost key recovery a couple of months back… any updates on that front? 
    • Your newly supplied key was injected with your genesis account if the recovery process was completed.
  • Public keys starting with “EOS” is correct?
    • Yes, we changed back to the standard EOS prefix so more tools could support telos at launch. The EOS key prefix won’t be around all that much longer, so the number of chains using it will be more limited than we originally thought.
  • How long until my account is locked out?
    • there is no “lock out” time but it would be good to go ahead and make some action with your account before the next snapshot.
  • What about tokens staked to other accounts?
    • Tokens staked to others will be recorded on the account that owns them.
  • how can we unstake Telos?
    • You can unstake using sqrl.
  • Does staking tokens affect voting? Or doesn’t matter if tokens are unstaked??
    • You cannot vote with liquid. The tokens must be staked for your tokens to count as votes.
  • On Blockfolio, there’s something called a TELOS/BTC trading pair and is on three exchanges:
    • That’s another project called Transcendence that chose to call their coin telos coin after we launched. Not us. It’s very small, closed source, pivx clone. Telos token is listed as TLOS.
  • I’ve seen a website that says I can “claim” my tokens.  Is this real?
    • NO IT IS A SCAM! The real and correct website is with NO dash.  We would never ask for your private keys like the scam website does.
Block Producers
  • If volume picks up fast are the public API end points ready to take a high amount of requests?
    • Indeed. Unlike EOS, part of being a Telos BP requires full api nodes.
  • How are the Telos BPs are being paid right now?
    • Flat rate 1-21 and 50% 22-51, all paid in TLOS all funded by an inflation of 4% for the first 4 months, then reducing gradually to 1% in Q4 of the launch year.
  • how do i check what block were on?
  • Will TELOS wait a while before implementing upgrades to ensure that they’ve been proven stable?
    • Telos BPs must run all new system software upgrades on our stagenet for at least 24 hours prior to deploying it on the mainnet to look for any unexpected activity.
  • Is there updated peer list for genesis?
  • Any idea how to compute the penalty of missed blocks?
    • At the moment, no penalty for missed block has been implemented. It is still more likely that the BP in front of you could cause you to miss blocks.
  •  is there a way to query the rotation times with teclos?
  • how do i put cpu bandwith etc in an account that hasnt been created yet?
    • You would need to add your private key to the sqrl wallet or do it through teclos which is the command line utility.
  • Does proximity to majority of BPs affect reported performance time?
    • Latency between BP nodes will not affect Aloha numbers. The Aloha BP Mechanics contract is based on CPU time used to process the transactions in the block. The faster and better tuned the BP node is, the less expensive it is to process the transaction in that block which saves the user CPU time.
  • Speaking of the delegated cpu and net, when and how is that undelegated on new accounts?
    • This will happen as we need it. The Telos Foundation Board has control over the account resources and will undelegate when liquid gets low.
  • Any dapps in pipe?
    • Check out this page.  It is updated regularly with new dapp information.
  • Is the IPFS token incentivization model documented somewhere?
    • IPFS is coming to Telos soon. Work is being done and an associated Worker Proposal should be out soon.
  •  Apart from the Chainrift, don’t have another exchange that we can buy Telos tokens from?
    • As of 01/29/2019 we are currently listed on Chainrift, Akdex, Codex and EOSex.
  • Anybody knows if I need my TLOS to be staked by the snapshot time in order to get my airdrops in the future?
    • Both liquid and staked TLOS will be included on the snapshot.
  • What’s the point of the snapshot?
    • It’s so that people who weren’t part of the EOS genesis can still get in on the ‘genesis’ of Telos. If we had just used an actual genesis snapshot, then there wouldn’t have been a way for Telos early adopters and fans who weren’t in the TFRP or EOS genesis to be included in new airdrops that are coming.
  • If I buy more after the snapshot I don’t get any extra airdrops?
    • There will be ongoing monthly snapshots. Airdrops may use whatever they like or their own, but we will save them the RAM cost if they use one that the TF maintains.
  • Any one have an idea about how I can claim my Telos tokens using my EOS Genesis snapshot?
    • Check your account on and look for your pubkey under permissions. If it’s there you can access through any multichain wallet. I like Sqrl.
  • Can we import multiple eos genesis accounts into sqrl? I also understand we can only create 1 new account…?
    • you can only create one FREE account, but you can import as many accounts as you would like. I have 13 accounts in my Sqrl, for example, but could add as many as needed.
  • any mobile wallet available for telos?
    • Awake Wallet
  • Can we claim with scatter?
    • Yes! Please use scatter 10.1. And do not use the chrome extension as is it no longer supported by scatter.
  • I’m a bit worried to insert my EOS private key into the SQRL wallet.
    • sqrl as found on the TelosFoundation Github is safe and was developed by Telos’ own @qubicles. As a fellow BP, I assure you Marlon is a fantastic developer and has made every effort to keep your keys safe.
  • Hmm is there a guide on how to get your Telos with scatter?
  • What’s the best telos block explorer?
  • Can anyone tell me the circ and total TLOS suplies?
    • 343m issued, 203m in circulation 140m held as exchange fund for clients that had their Eos on exchanges in June 2018.
  • How many people are developing for Telos now?
  • What is the expected inflation rate for TLOS?
    • After the first year, it is 1% for BP pay and 1.5% for eosio saving.
  • Great any suggestions where I can find and compare the proxies?
    • will have this function soon, showing all the proxies, who has proxied their vote to them and who the proxy is voting for.
  • Can some please tell me whats the yearly  ROI for stalking Telos ?
    • 0%  Staking does not earn you anything but it gives you rights to use the network and vote for BPs.
  •  As i understand, cause Telos is not famous yet, all short names will be grabbed by TF?
    • Not at all the TF has not intention of buying short names this is free market.
  • Hey, is there any tutorial for voting in TELOS?
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