About Us

  • Kainos? The word Kainos comes from ancient Greek, meaning “new” or “fresh”
  • We are a self-funded bare metal/cloud hybrid BP candidate headquartered in Central Texas with Telos nodes in Texas, Japan and Australia.
  • We have been one of several instrumental teams involved with maintaining the Telos Testnet since early July with hundreds of hours of EOSIO experience to back us. KainosBP endeavors to be the most reliable and responsive BP team on the network.
  • One of our founders and Director of Technology, J.T. Buice (Formerly of SpaceX) was one of the four ABP Directors who were responsible for launching the network.
  • We have the fastest BP nodes on the Telos Blockchain Network as seen on Aloha.
  • Our commitment to the success of Telos is paramount and all of our energy will be put into producing for and serving Telos only.
  • 10% of all BP rewards earned by KainosBP will be donated to Unbound, a non-profit dedicated to fighting human trafficking.
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