Telos Tidbits 2/14/19

Telos listed on CoinGeko You can read up about Arbitrator Candidates on Telos Foundation Website EOS Playstation launches roulette for Telos Check out the low deployment cost on Telos vs EOS Cryptocanary picks up Telos Bitpie partners with Telos Douglas Horn of Goodblock wrote a very insightful article about deploying dApps on Telos And the tidbit we are going to dig deeper into today …

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Telos Tidbits 2/7/19

Here are the happenings around Telos this week! Telos was listed on Live Coin Watch (LCW)! Drako’s Keep is having a Dragon Pre-sale. Telos partook in a EOS Sister Chains Meetup. Mining is continuing on Telos Planet. Qubicles announced it’s airdrop coming February 8th! Telos Foundation is one of the sponsors of the Detriot Blockchain Center’s Pitchfest. The State of Wyoming passed …

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